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"I believe a fear of inadequacy in parents is created the moment their baby is born. Parenting is not an exact science; no one has all the right answers! 

Every parent is as unique as every child; the creative combinations of personalities and relationships within families is boundless. In our quest to be "perfect" parents, we have lost some of what makes the experience of parenting so beautiful; the effort of communication, the fostering of relationships through shared experiences and understanding, and also of doing our best. 

Letting go of preconceived expectations can sometimes be difficult, but it is my belief that humor can soften even the hardest of stances; right and wrong become less delineated in determining the best way to discipline, or create good eating habits, or foster creativity. The answers may not always be clear, but our attempts, and our children's responses, can often be quite amusing! 

We may never be perfect, but laughing and learning through the harder times is a great way of easing the struggles we face, both within ourselves, our families, and our communities."

~ Birgitta Karlén

A fun, lighthearted and engaging book, 'Ten Tips For the Frazzled Parent, When You've Reached the End of Your Rope' addresses real issues, bringing levity to situations that can often be stressful.  A great way of using humor and allowing ourselves to step away and regain perspective.  So cute!! 

"Ten Tips for the Frazzled Parent" is a great gift for baby showers, new parents, or yourself when you feel like you are going over the edge!

"Ten Tips for the Frazzled Parent" takes a hilarious and real look at the ups and downs of parenting. Filled with wit and wisdom, "Ten Tips" will leave you laughing for days! 

Ever felt like you were at the end of your parenting rope?  Ten Tips takes a humorous look at some of the most trying of childrearing moments. Parents and caregivers alike will find these ten bits of parenting wisdom charming and irresistibly funny!

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